In a recent customer satisfaction survey:- 100% of patients reported the overall quality of care they received as excellent and also 100% of patients felt that the physiotherapy services at Alderbank Clinic provides ‘ value for money’.

The treatment we have received here has always been first class, perhaps most important of the ‘whole person’ and not merely an injury


Vicky recently treated one of my staff who had a torn muscle in his back. He had been in agony and unable to work for 3 days.

He was better the following day and back to work within 2 days.

He described Vicky as amazing and could not believe the difference she made. They also fitted him in to a cancellation appointment just 2 hours after I telephoned, so the service they offered was excellent


Friendly, efficient professional care, excellent


I damaged my Achilles heel in an accident some 12 months ago, causing severe pain and a large swelling on my heel. After numerous visits to the doctor I visited Alderbank Physiotherapy and was recommended a course of Shockwave Therapy Treatment.

The results have been unbelievable, after just 6 treatments I have no pain whatsoever and the swelling has virtually gone. I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment.


An acute lower back injury with intense disabling pain, meant I felt particularly vulnerable and tearful. Lee reassured me, clearly explaining what was going on, and what I needed to do.

He was respectful, professional and I felt I could trust his advice. Within 3 sessions and a week I am feeling more confident and reassured and I was able to keep working as a self-employed person