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Home > Physio's Blog > Ankle Braces Reduce Further Injury

Ankle braces do help reduce further injury

by Lee Barker, Head Physiotherapist

05.06.14 - The commonest form of sports injury is a sprained ankle, in which a ligament (sometimes more than one) is stretched and torn. When this has happened the joint is weakened and can sprain more easily in the future.

A recent study compared three interventions which help to prevent further injury.

1) Semi-rigid ankle brace and rehabilitation
2) Rehabilitation only
3) Brace only

All approaches have been shown to help in previous studies, but what happened when they were tested against each other.

The study was carried out in the Netherlands using 384 Athletes who had recovered from an ankle sprain and randomly split them into 3 groups. At the end of a year follow up only 15% of the brace group had another sprain, compared with 27% of those who only did exercises, and 19% of the combination group. Although bracing reduced the incidence of further injury it did not reduce the severity of the sprain. Therefore protect your ankle in a brace to reduce your chances of re-injury but it is no guarantee!

Here at Alderbank Physiotherapy Clinic we have a selection of quality ankle braces available and can advise you on the appropriate brace or taping techniques for your specific needs.

Ref: jansen.k.etal British journal of Sports Medicine 2014