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A man of many talents, Lee was unsure which career to pursue when leaving school, but experience of physiotherapy after Athletics and Rugby injuries set him on a path from which he would never look back...

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Spring is here, the garden calls...

17.03.14 - As the sun peeks through the cloud cover and the ground starts to warm up, all around us begins to bud and bloom. It's naturally 'all hands on deck' as work starts to get those garden ship-shape for the summer months.

However beware the potential pitfalls of too much time in the garden or going at it like a bull in a china shop. To avoid the gardeners elbow (epicondylitis), bad backs and knee pain, try to follow these useful tips:

  • Try to pace yourself if cutting back and pruning. The secateurs may be sharp but the repeated squeezing can soon bring on lateral epicondylitis (better known as Tennis Elbow). Remember to have breaks and stretch the forearms and 'shake them out'.
  • Try to rotate the tasks so as not to be doing anything for too long.
  • Have a nice wide stance if digging, turning over earth or raking.
  • Bend the knees, keep your back straight and keep your head up if lifting heavy bags of compost, etc.
  • If you have to carry anything for any distance use a wheelbarrow. Carrying over distance can cause as much trauma as heavy lifting.
  • Use a kneeling pad if weeding and keep having a stand up to ease the pressure on those knees.
  • Beware the monotonous stooped posture of power washing those paving stones. You will regret it in the morning. Do a bit each day. Stooping increases the pressure in the intervertebral discs 4-fold.
  • Remember, it doesn't have to all happen in one day and be perfect. A cut of the grass, if anything makes it look a whole lot neater.

Good luck and happy healthy gardening to you all!